The selection of the appropriate door is anything but easy. A few simple questions must be answered first to reveal an entirely new starting point for further decisions:

What is most important to you in a door (quality, material, useful life, aesthetics, etc.)?
Does your decision encompass the purchase of a single door or several doors?
Would you like the doors to be installed as well?
How much money do you plan to spend on the purchase of your new doors?
What type of door do you plan to buy?

Your decision will be much easier when you have answered the above questions. It will also make it easier for us to assist you in selecting the most appropriate door. Our primary aim in that selection process is your satisfaction. A continuous string of new questions arise when selecting the most appropriate door. We are therefore always prepared at MKE to listen to and answer even the most demanding and specific questions. We can be reached by telephone or email, or feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry.

Our range of high-quality doors offers you a selection between the following:

  • aesthetically refined PVC doors,
  • durable, high-quality aluminium doors,
  • sliding doors,
  • balcony doors,
  • sturdy metal doors,
  • fire doors, and
  • automatic garage doors.

The contemporary design of PVC doors provides the finishing touch to your home or commercial building in terms of aesthetics, security and energy efficiency. Our range of PVC doors offers you a multitude of various shapes, colours and installation options. PVC doors provide a permanent solution for the entrance to your house or commercial buildings. On our website, you will find illustrated materials about many, but not all, of the PVC doors we offer. We invite you to contact us so that we can advise you in the selection of PVC doors that will meet all of your requirements and expectations.
aluminium doorsALUMINIUM DOORS

Premium-priced, high-quality aluminium doors represent the finishing touch to your building. You can choose between various shapes and colours. When selecting aluminium doors, it is good to know that they represent a long-term investment that will serve their purpose for decades to come. View some of the samples of aluminium doors in our gallery of photos.
sliding doorsSLIDING DOORS

Do you want to add a touch of exclusivity to your home or commercial building? Self-supporting sliding doors are the right choice. You can let you imagination run wild in terms of design, as MKE offers you unique, custom-made sliding doors. View some samples of sliding doors in our gallery of photos. If you have any questions, contact us and together we will formulate the optimal solution.
balcony doorsBALCONY DOORS

Visually refined balcony doors can turn your home or commercial building into an architectural achievement. High-quality balcony doors are a must for every building. We recommend that you take your time selecting balcony doors; they are, after all, a long-term investment.
metal doorsMETAL DOORS

For decades now, affordable metal doors have been a popular solution for businesses and increasingly so for individuals who understand the positive price-to-quality ratio offered by metal doors. Metal doors can be designed entirely according to your wishes, as there is practically no limit in terms of dimensions and choice of colour scheme. Metal doors are most frequently used in auxiliary premises.
fire doorsFIRE DOORS

Fire doors provide increased protection against possible fires. Our doors are manufactured according to the most stringent standards and EU regulations. Following installation, customers receive confirmation of product conformity and compliance with construction codes, which represents an additional guarantee and confirmation of the highest level of protection. View some examples of fire doors in our gallery of photos. We are always at your disposal via telephone or email to answer your questions.
automatic garage doorsAUTOMATIC GARAGE DOORS

A contemporary garage requires an automatic garage door that opens quickly, ensures a high level of security and resistance to weather conditions, and aesthetically compliments the garage as a whole. We offer garage doors of varying sizes and colours with different lifting mechanisms. We are at your disposal should you require additional information.