Whether a family house, apartment or commercial building is involved, shades are an integral part of building fittings. They help regulate spatial lighting, ensure a higher level of security for a specific building and offer control over privacy. Shades are simply a necessity. We carry a wide range of different shades, each with their own unique advantages. We hope that our presentation will help simplify your selection of the most appropriate shades.

rolling shuttersROLLING SHUTTERS

The concept of rolling shutters represents the most traditional form of shades in Slovenia. The main advantage compared with other shades is their reliable functioning and exceptionally long useful life. Today, roller shutters have reached the level of parquet flooring in terms of design, as reflected in superiorly designed roller shutters that give a house, apartment or business premises an aesthetic touch. Modern roller shutters come in virtually any colour or shape. If you have questions about the selection of roller shutters, please contact our experts, who will answer all of your questions.
venetian blindsVENETIAN BLINDS

The simplicity with which venetian blinds are installed, their proven quality and a wide selection of sizes and colours are the main advantages of venetian blinds. Venetian blinds best compliment a building with a touch of contemporary design, as well as traditional family houses and apartments. If what you need from shades is simplicity in balancing dark and light, venetian blinds are the right choice for you.
roller blindsROLLER BLINDS

The simple design of roller blinds is particularly evident in buildings with little room for the housings into which roller blinds are typically rolled. Roller blinds are an extraordinarily light and aesthetically refined form of shade. They are seen with increasing frequency in commercial and residential buildings. It’s possible to choose between various sizes, materials and colours, which also define the level of spatial darkness or lightness. Would you like additional information about roller blinds? Call us at: ++386 1 540 85 20.

Do you have a house or commercial building in the coast region? The summer heat can be quite a burden if the air conditioner designed to cool an entire building fails. Awnings are therefore an ideal form of shade to limit sunlight on balconies, terraces and other, larger open areas. They are also an indispensable exterior element of bars and shops, and for other market activities. Awnings are an excellent addition to vacation houses. After all, there is nothing better than an ice cold beer in the cool shade on a hot summer day. With an awning, you simply can’t go wrong.
Plisse curtainsPLISSE CURTAINS

Are you looking for the optimum in cost-efficiency in an interior shade? Plisse curtains are a form of shade that offers a good balance of light in spaces where light need to be limited. Plisse curtains do not provide complete darkness like rolling shutters, but come in various colours to offer you just the right play on light in interior spaces. Younger people, who want to make their home as modern and romantic as possible, are particularly keen on plisse curtains. Plisse curtains are also a great solution in contemporary business premises.

Conference rooms, lecture rooms and other business premises frequently require an effective form of shade, the installation of which must be fast and economical. Screens are ideal for both business premises and as an aesthetic compliment to wellness centres and pool complexes. There are also an increasing number of private users who opt for screens, primarily for design reasons. Plays on light and aesthetics are the reasons screens are rising higher on the list of preferred forms of shades.
insect screensINSECT SCREENS

Surely you can recall an evening when you were completely exhausted and wanted nothing more than a good night’s rest, but annoying mosquitoes and other insects simply wouldn’t let you fall asleep. Insect screens offer an aesthetically refined solution to solve your mosquito problems. The installation of insect screens is simple and very affordable. Insect screens come in different colours to add an aesthetic touch to your interior spaces. Call or send an inquiry for specific information regarding prices, delivery times, installation and other details.